Asia Pacific

Nalco Singapore OfficeNalco is the world’s leading process and water treatment solutions provider. With an 80-year track record, we serve over 70,000 customers in 130 countries across numerous industries where water, energy and efficiency are of primary importance. Our innovative solutions are carefully designed to deliver significant environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Our dedicated team of water and process professionals operates across 12 countries in Asia Pacific. With manufacturing facilities, technical centers and offices in every country in the region, we are well placed to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

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2 International Business Park #02-20
The Strategy Tower 2
Singapore 609930
Tel: +65-6505-6868
Fax: +65-6316-1172  7F,

18 Waterfront Place, 168 Daduhe Rd.
Shanghai 200062, PRC
Tel: +86-21-6183-2500
Fax: +86-21-6183-2400