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Energy Services

Our Energy Services division provides on-site, technology-driven solutions to the global natural gas, petroleum and petrochemical industries. In addition to recovery, production and process enhancements, we also deliver a full range of water treatment offerings to refineries and petrochemical plants.

The division is divided into a Downstream refinery and petrochemical processing service business, and an Upstream group composed of our Oilfield Chemicals and Adomite business.

Our upstream process applications improve oil and gas recovery and production, extend production equipment life and decrease operating costs through services including scale, paraffin and corrosion control, oil and water separation, and gas hydrate management solutions. Our downstream process applications increase refinery and petrochemical plant efficiency and the useful life of customer assets, while improving refined and petrochemical product quality and yields.


TIORCO is a joint venture of Nalco and Stepan Company to globally market custom-engineered chemical solutions that increase production of crude oil and gas from existing fields. The company integrates enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes by leveraging Nalco's extensive reach in global upstream energy markets, TIORCO's 30 years of experience in EOR polymer and reservoir expertise, and Stepan's global surfactant technology and manufacturing capabilities. Customers receive the first unified approach to the EOR market – identifying, evaluating and implementing solutions that optimize oil recovery. TIORCO markets Nalco's proprietary BrightWater®—Reservoir Sweep Efficiency Technology, which was jointly developed with major oil companies.

Nalco FabTechequipment and services are utilized worldwide to optimize oil and gas recovery from drilling to production, including primary, secondary and tertiary recovery processes.

Water and Process Services

Our Water and Process Services Division encompasses two main segments – Paper Services, serving the pulp and paper industries, and Water Services, which focuses on customers across various industrial and institutional markets. In both segments, we provide water, air and process applications that combine environmental benefits with economic gains for our customers, typically, water and energy savings, maintenance and capital expenditure avoidance, and product quality improvements.

Innovative treatment of boiler water, cooling water, influent, and wastewater, as well as practical solutions for process improvements and pollutant control, allow our customers to capture myriad benefits. Our Water segment serves the aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and primary metals, power, food and beverage, medium and light manufacturing, marine and pulp and papermaking industries, as well as institutional customers such as hospitals, universities, commercial buildings and hotels. Our Paper segment offers a comprehensive portfolio of programs used in all principal steps of the papermaking process and across all grades of paper, including graphic, board and packaging, and tissue and towel.

Air Protection Technologies

The Nalco Air Protection Technologies (APT) family of mercury control products address the entire spectrum of mercury emissions compliance for coal fired power plants. The Nalco team boasts some of the industry’s foremost mercury experts and leading-edge technologies that are changing the way the industry approaches mercury control for both air and water. Nalco solutions are customized to fit the needs of the plant, are lower cost than the industries other leading technologies, and envelop the power plant from the coal to the wastewater to provide balance of plant mercury control.

The proprietary line of MerControl mercury control technologies includes: MerControl 7895 mercury oxidant, MerControl 8034 technology for mercury re-emission control, and MerControl 6012 sorbent, a non-halogen, non-carbon mercury sorbent used in spray dry absorber (SDA) or circulating dry scrubber (CDS). The Nalco Predict Hg line of technologies facilitates mercury removal in the wastewater effluent to meet challenging wastewater discharge limits. Our leading-edge technologies are changing the way the coal-fired power industry approaches mercury control.