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Catalyst Materials

Nalco offers a number of innovative raw material solutions for the catalyst formulator. Our raw materials have numerous benefits and can effectively meet your needs in the following applications:

Colloidal Silica Binders for Spraydried and Extruded Catalysts

  • Improved catalyst strength, attrition resistance, and surface area; Nalco offers a broad range of particle sizes, size distributions, and concentrations.
  • Engineered approach to reducing metal contaminants; Ultra high purity levels are available.

We also understand the technical requirements for catalyst formulators, and we encourage strong research-to-research collaboration with our customers.

Silica Based Zeolite Nutrients

Nalco’s expertise in designing novel nanoparticles provides the formulator with new options to improve manufacturing efficiency and final catalyst performance, including the following benefits:

  • Nanoparticle silica promotes more efficient zeolite formation
  • Atomic level mixtures of silica and alumina promote efficient crystallization of zeolites
  • Ultra high purity levels are available to reduce crystal defects
  • Strong research-to-research collaboration

Additionally, emerging nanoparticle solutions with Nanozeolite applications are currently being offered by Nalco, where high surface area and activity can be further leveraged.

If you are interested in further information about any of these innovative nanoparticle applications, please contact the Nalco Colloidal Technologies Group directly at