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Fiber Savings

Nalco understands that vigilant management of fiber and energy resources is critical to the quality and efficiency of pulp and paper making operations.

Our complete fiber and energy management solutions are designed to help you achieve your economical, operational, quality and environmental objectives.

We help you:

  • Reduce your Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
  • Use a broader range of mechanical, chemical and recycled fibers
  • Improve the quality of pulp
  • Enhance the stability and efficiency of the process



Value Delivered: Pulp Yield Case Study

Grade: Pulp
Background: ECF soft wood kraft pulp mill; 400,000 ton/year
Application: PenSurf Digester Additive
  • 0.8% increase in yield
  • 1.2 points lower kappa number
  • 10% reduction in bleaching chemicals
  • lower load to the chemical recovery plant

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Value Delivered: Filler Loading Case Study

Grade: Graphics
Background: uncoated fine paper; hybrid former; 850 m/min; 70,000 ton/year
Application: OptiLux
  • 2.5-5% reduction in basis weight
  • maintained caliper and stiffness
  • estimated annual savings: US$1,000,000

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Value Delivered: Basis Weight Reduction Case Study

Grade: Board and Packaging
Background: coated fine paper; Voith Duoformer; single shoe press
Application: FillerTEK
  • 5% increase in ash content
  • maintained strength and bulk
  • estimated annual savings: US$1,500,000

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Value Delivered: Lower Cost Fiber Sources Case Study

Grade: Tissue
Background: facial grade; Crescent former; twin press roll; 2,000 m/min


  • 70% increase in acacia pulp
  • no sheet floating problem
  • estimated annual savings: US$500,000

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 Value Delivered: Long Fiber Reduction Case Study

Grade: Tissue
Background: toilet grade; Crescent former; single press; 1,800 m/min
Application: Metrix
  • 8% reduction in long fiber
  • estimated annual savings:  US$1,000,000
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