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Green Water Treatment

Facility Managers continue to look for new innovative “Green Water Treatment”. Nalco has combined their Mechanical, Operation and Chemical approaches with innovative technology to provide the lowest total cost of operation and meet the green water treatment needs of industry.

Treating water mechanically with equipment such as softeners, filters, reverse osmosis and unique control technology such as 3D TRASAR will ensure the lowest chemical costs and improve your green water treatment footprint. While these are widely accepted and proven technologies, there has been a recent market flood of non-chemical water treatment devices in this market. Be Cautious! When evaluating these devices, ensure that they have been proven over years of use and provide improved results. Many times, they may lower your chemical usage but water usage, electrical/natural gas costs may increase (i.e. lower cycles in tower) and be detrimental to your environmental footprint.

From Membrane technology to high efficiency filtration, Nalco offers a complete variety of water pretreatment conditioning technology to meet your green water treatment needs. To find more information, go to Nalco’s owned Crossbow Water at www.crossbow-water.com or you can find additional equipment solutions at http://www.nalco.com/services/equipment-solutions.htm.

Nalco uses their global expertise to advise and consult facility engineers on proper operational procedures. This may include chiller rotation, proper start-up/lay-up, free cooling optimization and many other tried and proven techniques. Only Nalco has the depth and global experience to bring quantifiable facility improvements in total operation while resulting in a more green water treatment program.

Most of the time, mechanical and operational improvements will get you to ~85-90% of your green water treatment goals. The rest is trimmed with chemical solutions that will meet your green water treatment goals (i.e. meeting NPDES, local regulations or site accreditation such as LEED). Nalco combines the 2008 Presidential Green Chemistry Award winning 3D TRASAR control technology and chemicals to lower your carbon footprint and provide unprecedented results in efficiency and reduced water use.

For more information on 3D TRASAR go to: http://www.nalco.com/services/3d-trasar-cooling-water.htm.