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Mercury Oxidation Catalyst - MerControl 7895

Product Description

Nalco owns the exclusive patent rights for the application of MerControl 7895 technology, a simple emissions control strategy that allows the user to rapidly and cost effectively respond to changes in operations and fuel quality that drive mercury emissions. MerControl 7895 technology is a stable, water-based solution that releases molecular halogen to promote the oxidation of mercury released during the combustion of coal. Increased mercury oxidation improves the mercury capture efficiency of existing air quality control devices such as electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, and wet flue gas desulfurization (w-FGD) units.

Reduce Activated Carbon Costs and Impacts

MerControl 7895 technology can also be used in conjunction with powdered activated carbon injection (ACI), to significantly reduce the required dosages of ACI used for mercury emission compliance. The results of reducing carbon usage include improved fly ash quality, reduced operational burdens on electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters, and lower disposal and operational costs. In many cases, the combination of ACI and MerControl 7895 technology delivers the lowest cost solution with negligible impact to fly ash quality. Through previous experience and on-site demonstrations, Nalco can assess the optimum mixture of ACI and MerControl 7895 technology to minimize both operating cost and detrimental effects to fly ash.

Advantages of MerControl 7895 Technology

  • Low capital feed systems with a small footprint
  • Improves mercury capture efficiency of existing air quality control devices (electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, spray dryer adsorbers and w-FGD units) without adverse effects
  • Provides a flexible and rapid response to fluctuations in operations and fuel quality that impact mercury emissions
  • Can be used in conjunction with activated carbon injection (ACI) to lower carbon usage and thereby improve fly ash quality
  • Liquid additive simplifies application, distribution and control
  • Multiple potential application points yield flexibility in retrofit design


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