Solid Liquid Separation

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Solid Liquid Separations

Nalco’s full line of product is designed to improve the performance of your process and wastewater treatment systems. Nalco has decades of experience addressing the challenges of water treatment systems. Armed with knowledge and proven technology, your Nalco representative will work with you to determine the best solution to help ensure local, state, and federal compliance while helping to improve your cost.

Coagulants can enhance the efficiency of flocculants used for solids removal in wastewater clarification. Coagulants neutralize surface charges, thus increasing the performance of the flocculant.

Nalco flocculants can aid sedimentation in water clarification. These polymers could be used with a coagulant for charge neutralization.


Stronger floc means improved water release which translates into dryer filter cake. That means less sludge volume for disposal. Nalco offers polymers of different ionic charges and molecular weight.


POL-E-Z® liquid flocculants are easy to use with minimal mixing and aging time.

  • Require minimal mixing in storage 
  • Are more stable 
  • Make-up faster 
  • Take maximum advantage of product activity 
  • Can be used in remote locations

See our webpage on POL-E-Z for more information.

OREBIND process aid technology® provides:
  • Improved dewatering of tails and tail management 
  • Reduced area for tailings storage facility 
  • Increased water recovery and water management

See our webpage on OreBind® for more information.