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Odor Control

Odor Control Concerns and You

Odor control is a significant environmental concern of manufacturing, food processing and institutional locations today, including the following issues that Nalco can help you address:

  • Corporate-wide sustainable development initiatives stress environmental impact and the importance of community relationship and image.
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants are often close neighbors to residential housing, and residents insist on an odor-free environment.
  • Environmental enforcement agencies are beginning to view odor as a controllable pollutant and are cracking down on violators.
  • Some odorous gases cause corrosion of the wastewater infrastructure and mechanical equipment. Hydrogen sulfide, for example, is the culprit in “crown corrosion” of wastewater collection systems.

Effective Odor Control

Odor can be controlled by chemical or mechanical methods, or a combination of both. Chemical odor control is cost-effective because it is used only as needed and can be tailored to a specific odor problem. Mechanical odor control may be effective, but capital costs are generally high.
Nalco offers a comprehensive group of programs to address the causes of malodors through combinations of treatment as individual needs require. through a combination of chemical applications, atomizing and liquid application systems, and bioengineering programs. These approaches are effective as stand alone programs or as supplements to mechanical treatment equipment.

Nalco has developed OdorTech® technology, a comprehensive group of individual programs to address the causes of malodors through combinations of treatment. The six most commonly used programs include the following: Chemical Precipitation, Odor Neutralization, Oxidation, Enzymatic Cleaners, Bioengineering, and Scavenging Technology.

Bioengineering Programs
If the source of an odor problem is in a biological system, our bioengineering programs can effectively meet your needs. Analytical services offered by our MICROSOLUTIONS® laboratory can identify root causes of problems experienced in biological treatment systems. Bioengineering can help increase the efficiency and performance of wastewater treatment systems.

Chemical Precipitation
These are programs are specific to hydrogen sulfide for aqueous applications. Several of our chemical precipitation solutions can also serve as coagulants or clarification aids. This method is very effective because these precipitation reactions are difficult to reverse.

Scavenging Technology
Our odor scavenging technologies offer economical and reliable programs that reduce and control hydrogen sulfide. It is effective for long duration control and works well in high temperatures.

Oxidation Technology
Nalco's patented ODOR-KO® program is designed to achieve and maintain scrubber optimum performance when used for odor reduction. It deploys a sulfur specific, easy-to-use oxidant combined with a bio-film control agent, mineral scale control and bio-dispersant chemistries.

Odor Neutralizers
Our odor neutralizers are designed to minimize odors by reacting with molecules in the vapor phase, Neutralizers are typically used for odors which are unpleasant but not dangerous gases.

Nalco Cleaning Agents
One of the most overlooked and misunderstood methods of odor control are the use of cleaners. Odors are usually caused by bacterial action. Nalco’s special cleaning detergents impact the biological cell membranes, denature the biological proteins and act as a disinfectant that inhibits further growth of odor causing organisms.