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SurFLO Plus Certification Program

Umbilical chemicals must be effective at low concentrations to inhibit corrosion, prevent scale, hydrate, asphaltene, and/or paraffin deposits and mitigate against emulsion-related viscosity problems. They must also be stable at sea bed temperatures near freezing, and downhole temperatures of 250 °F (120 °C) or higher. SurFlo Plus certified chemistries have been specifically developed to meet these demanding requirements and are field proven Best-In-Class chemical programs for umbilical applications all over the world.

For decades, Nalco has been an industry innovator, with a significant portion of our resources dedicated to research and development. We have earned a reputation as “the knowledge leaders” due to our dedication to the advancement and implementation of new discoveries in oilfield chemistry. In fact, 42 percent of our oilfield products are less than five years old.

With deepwater operations expected to account for 25 percent of all exploration efforts by 2015, Nalco is taking the necessary steps now to provide our customers the resources for success. Given prior accomplishments with new products for deepwater environments, it was only natural to extend our expertise to the ultra-deepwater sector.

Most remaining large reserves exist in deepwater and ultra-deepwater environments. Therefore, Nalco is committed to establishing and answering to a higher set of internal standards. The resulting Manufacturing Certification Program will serve as a global benchmark for ultra-deepwater and deepwater assets and the overall chemical delivery process.

Best-in-Class Quality Assurance and Quality Control
The Nalco certification program adheres to strict best practices for manufacturing and a level of standardization consistent among all manufacturing facilities and geographic regions.

Whether you are operating in the Gulf of Mexico or off the coast of West Africa, or anywhere in the world, you can expect the same commitment to quality from Nalco.

Chemicals are carefully customized in our specialized manufacturing facilities. Chemical cleanliness is ensured: valid certification tags are placed on totes and bins only after the quality of the chemistry has been determined.

Every point in the manufacturing process is closely monitored and designed to minimize risk – from the training of our operators to the selection of compatible materials, skids and filtration devices. Our chemicals must meet an SAE AS-4059, Revision E, Class 8, Bins B through F, or better, based on the Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE) classification criteria.