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Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor measures yeast metabolic activity, providing a direct measurement of fermentation and propagation performance. This knowledge enables ethanol producers and brewers to adjust process factors to obtain peak performance, resulting in:

  • More consistent, high quality production
  • More efficient production
  • Increased ethanol output
  • Decreased total cost of operation

Eliminate Cell Counting

The industry standard method of counting viable cells using light microscopy and a viability stain suffers from several limitations. The microscopy method is labor-intensive, error-prone and fails to provide useful information for diagnosing or optimizing industrial propagations and fermentations.

In contrast, the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor measures metabolic activity rates, which is fundamentally different and more useful information than counting how many cells are present. By using the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor you will better understand the dynamic performance of your process and be able to perform advanced diagnostics and optimization steps based on real performance information.

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor was designed to be a completely non-subjective measurement that produces consistent results regardless of operator technique. In addition, the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor test requires only 30 seconds of hands-on time followed by an automated series of measurements lasting less than 3 minutes, which is significantly less time and effort compared to counting cells.

Improve Fermentation and Propagation Diagnostics

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor gives producers unique insight into their fermentation processes that have never before been possible. Unlike traditional methods, the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor measurements correlate with the rate of ethanol production, which was obtained using extensive chemical analysis during a batch fermentation. With the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor, you now have a tool to measure the cost of a bacterial infection, the effectiveness of antibiotics, or the performance of a new yeast or nutrient program.

Tracking yeast activity during propagation and sending the yeast to the fermenter at the optimum time reduces lag time. Since many factors affect the yeast, optimum drop time varies from fermentation to fermentation. Use the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor and know exactly when to send yeast to the fermenter. With the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor, there is no longer a need for unreliable cell counting methods. Measure the metabolic activity rates during propagation fermentation to ensure optimum performance.

Yeast Activity Monitor Brewing Applications

  • Propagation
  • Cropping
  • Storage/Transport
  • Fermentation pitching
  • Fermentation tracking

Maximize Data Management

In order to maximize the power of automated yeast activity measurements, the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor provides several data management features. First, all results are logged and stored in computer readable files. These files can be viewed on the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor touch screen or sent via email to anywhere in the world. In addition, the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor can automatically send the most recent activity results over your corporate network in real-time for integration into laboratory databases or control systems. The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor data management system gives operational management maximum return on information to improve fermentation performance.

Innovative Technology

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor draws its power from fast, fluorescence-generating reactions between native yeast enzymes and biochemical reporter molecules. Samples are quickly and precisely prepared on a digital balance and then innovative probes are immersed directly into the prepared sample to measure yeast metabolic activity rates. Reaction timing, data management, and procedural workflows are all handled by a dedicated touch screen computer. The end result is a revolutionary system that delivers consistent results regardless of operating conditions, sample compositions, or operator technique.

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