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Ammonia & Fertilizer

Large quantities of water are required throughout the ammonia production process. Boiler feedwater, steam, process condensate, and cooling water have a significant impact on reliability, operational efficiency, and equipment life. It has been said that ammonia plants are steam producers that also happen to make a little ammonia on the side. Typically, ammonia facilities generate 4 to 5 times as much steam as the product they produce. Poor quality steam will cause problems with turbines, process catalysts, or other equipment. In addition, the cooling water system plays an integral role in surface condenser and heat exchanger performance. Scale on heat transfer surfaces negatively impacts energy efficiency, reducing capacity, and bottom-line profitability.

Nalco is the leading water treatment supplier to the North American ammonia industry. Our competitive differentiation in the marketplace is our ability to identify cost savings projects that are aligned with our customer’s priorities and deliver real value – as measured by our customers. With over thirty units operating in North American ammonia & fertilizer plants, 3D TRASAR® automation and control is now considered an industry best practice.


Saskferco, Belle Plaine, MB: 3D TRASAR® Technology keeps heat transfer surfaces clean resulting in increased reliability and higher production efficiencies.

Agrium, Redwater, AB: 3D TRASAR® Automation maintains heat exchanger and condenser efficiency resulting in avoided cleaning and maintenance costs but more importantly maximizing plant throughput.