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We understand that today’s automotive manufacturers face more challenges than ever before – both from the production side as well as from the current economic climate. Nalco is committed to helping you solve these problems as well as the issues you typically face on a daily basis.

As facilities embrace flexible manufacturing with multiple platforms produced on a single line, there is less room for production error. Process-critical cooling systems such as weld water can be a major source of unnecessary downtime, and can incur an increased cost if this complex water treatment system is not expertly maintained. A poorly run paint detackification system can quickly result in poor finish quality, additional rejects, and increased paint and chemical costs.

Our commitment to optimize site water usage, reduce energy consumption, and improve process operations will help you achieve enhanced asset life, reduced total operating costs, improved production quality, and reduction of unnecessary downtime. At Nalco we are dedicated to forming a close business partnership with our automotive customers. Your facilities can benefit from the decades of experience that Nalco has in providing superior results to the leaders in industry globally. Some of the comprehensive solutions we can assist you with include:

  • Next generation, patent pending paint detackification technology that raises the bar for program performance and sustainability, and reduces your total cost of operation and decreasing the volume of solid waste generated in the process
  • Corrosion inhibitors that provide unparallel results for mixed metallurgy process cooling loops without the use of heavy metals which can impact your sites environmental and sustainability goals
  • A comprehensive proprietary solution for cooling water system optimization that employs advanced proprietary automation to measure key system parameters, detect upsets, take appropriate corrective action and communicate results to appropriate personnel.
  • Process solutions include ecoat microbial control, as well as specialized plastic washes that extend the life of critical process baths and reduce part defects.

Please contact Nalco today to discuss your company's needs with a professional that understands the needs of the automotive industry.