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Fuel consumers want to purchase biodiesel, but they also want assurance that it won’t cause operational problems. Our wealth of water expertise will help your plant deliver quality biodiesel and high performance in every drop of B100.

Nalco has been a leading expert in fuel additives for the last 30 years. Through the combined expertise of our Energy Services Division and Biofuels team, we consistently bring the best-in-class products and on-site technical problem-solving services to the emerging biodiesel industry. In addition to our industry leading water treatment technologies, we have a wide range of biodiesel anti-oxidants, cold flow improvers, and settling aids to meet your needs.

Our on-site experts are trained in examining your facility with a mechanical, operational, and chemical approach, and you can confidently expect them to:

  • Anticipate, prevent and solve problems
  • Devise unique solutions
  • Leverage the full range of Nalco resources

We provide state of the art solutions focused on Biodiesel production:

Nalco Solution  Benefit 

 3D TRASAR® Boiler Technology

3D TRASAR® Cooling Technology 

Managing all the stress in cooling and/or boiler water to minimize water and energy costs
3D TRASAR® Technology for Membranes Increase reliability of RO pretreatment while minimizing labor

Biodiesel antioxidants

Biodiesel Cold Flow Improvers

Nalco has more than 30 years of experience in formulating fuel additives. Nalco biodiesel anti-oxidants are consistent performers in biodiesel manufactured from a variety of feedstocks.
Biodiesel Settling Aids

Nalco’s Cold Flow Improvers can expand your market for biodiesel by substantially improving the cold flow properties of B100 and biodiesel blends made from a variety of feedstocks.

Nalco is a global leader in the manufacture and use of demulsifier chemistries. We have a wide range of products that can meet your specific needs.

We also have a full line of products and offerings focusing on the following:

  • Cooling systems
  • RO anti-scalants & cleaners
  • Pretreatment equipment
  • Boiler systems
  • Steam system treatments
  • Training resources

To learn more about our solutions for your industry and what we can do for you – Contact Us

Phil Bureman
Senior Industry Tech. Consultant – Biofuels & Chemicals
Olathe, Kansas, USA