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Biofuels & Ethanol

With increasing pressure to reduce water use without compromising product quality, biofuel manufacturers need a partner who understands their challenges and will help them extract maximum value from every step of the production process.Nalco has an excellent core team of researchers dedicated to solving the primary issues faced by the ethanol industry. Our core capabilities in solid-liquid separation, scale, corrosion, and fouling give us an unparalleled advantage in discovering solutions for biofuel producers, and our research team understands the most important issues that are your main concern, and most importantly, how to solve them. We are also constantly refining traditional offerings and reaching further into your process to effectively drive improvement.

Our on-site research experts are trained in examining your facility with a Mechanical, Operational, and Chemical (MOC) approach and can help you with the following:

  • Anticipating, preventing and solving problems
  • Devising unique solutions and leveraging a wide range of Nalco resources

State of the Art Solutions focused on Ethanol Production:


Nalco Solution



3D TRASAR® Boiler Technology

3D TRASAR® Cooling Technology


Managing all the stress in cooling and/or boiler water to minimize water and energy costs

3D TRASAR® Technology for Membranes

Increase reliability of RO pretreatment while minimizing labor

Deposit Control

Improve evaporator and process equipment performance; reduce labor for cleaning

Ethanol Corrosion Inhibitor

Nalco has 30+ years experience in formulating fuel additives. Actively manage your treat rate with our traced product.

Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor


Allows ethanol producers to eliminate cell counts altogether with a direct test that is faster, more accurate, and easier to use





Reduce capital requirements and transfer risk through Treated Water Outsourcing (TWO). Reduce costs of chemical lifecycle management and drive ROI projects and benchmarking through Nalco’s Chemical Management Services (CMS)

Tower Diagnostic Scans®

Tower scans can verify/rule out issues and identify bottlenecks in your system. As a result, you can increase production, reduce downtime, optimize performance and save time and money during turnarounds.

Corn Oil Recovery

Nalco has developed an offering that captures up to three times more corn oil during the extraction process and increases the overall quality of the yield. This GRAS-certified, patent-pending product is a cost-effective option that requires no additional capital investment and, unlike other treatment options that include increasing heat to reduce viscosity, will not increase energy consumption and costs.

We also have a full line of products and offerings around: Foam control; deposit control; scrubber applications; cooling system programs, heat exchanger monitoring; RO anti-scalants & cleaners; pretreatment equipment; boiler system programs; steam system treatments; and training resources.