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Coal Industry

Nalco Company is a leading provider of integrated chemical solutions for the coal industry since the early 1970s. We offer programs that impact productivity, safety and profitability as well as prolonging the usefulness of a mine by such steps as stretching impoundment life.

In the coal preparation plant, we audit plant processes looking for steps that can help you to debottleneck plant flows and boost productivity. Enhanced flotation recovery and selectivity, clean coal/refuse filtration and improved handling all help to optimize fine coal recovery as they extend impoundment life. And coal quality and handle-ability are improved via filtration and moisture reduction aids, a host of creative approaches to control fine coal dust control from handling and crushing equipment as well as freeze conditioning and car top binding to improve transport and unloading at your customers’ sites.

Around the pit or underground mine, we help control dust from above and underground haulage ways and roads, we improve your environmental compliance as we treat and recycle or discharge water through flocculation, coagulation, metals removal, scale and corrosion inhibition as well as control pH and break stubborn lubricant emulsions.

And Nalco has pioneered customized automated process control for many of these applications. Additionally, our NALFLOTE® Coal Collector technology is a diesel fuel replacement alternative that is commonly used to increase fine coal recovery.

Call us. We can help you improve your productivity, increase your output, meet your regulatory requirements, protect the environment, improve your employees’ working conditions and enhance your community relations.