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Fiberglass Mat

Whether you are producing Roofing Mat, Drywall Mat, Reinforcement Mat, or any new Fiberglass Mat innovations, our experienced professionals are here to help you.

We are dedicated to solving your most important issues through improving the use of your water, reducing energy consumption, and improving process operations. Through following this model, we can help you achieve enhanced asset life, reduced total operating costs, and improved production quality and output. At Nalco we are committed to forming a close business partnership with Fiberglass Mat customers, and this partnership allows us to provide you with unique, comprehensive solutions customized to meet your specific needs. Some of the primary areas Nalco can assist you with include:

  • Best Practices – combined global collective experience in research, consulting, sales, and marketing to help ensure your water and processes are operating at world-class levels.
  • Proven, proprietary Whitewater viscosity modifiers, dispersants, antifoams (defoamers), and biocides that improve Mat quality, production output, and cost performance.
  • Online process variable measurement and control technology and services Being able to monitor and control critical Whitewater process variables is key to improving Mat quality, production speed, and driving down costs.
  • Water reuse and recycle development, technology, and services, which lead to improved environmental sustainability while improving your total operating cost.
  • On-site highly qualified technical representatives to help identify and implement process improvements.
Please contact Nalco today to discuss your company's needs with an experienced Fiberglass Mat professional.