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Food & Beverage

Nalco provides Essential Expertise for Water, Energy and Air to the Food and Beverage Industry.  We began using water treatment and other innovative process technologies to improve the operating performance of industrial boilers in Chicago food processing plants in 1928.  Since then, over the past eight decades, we have been providing global solutions to more than 70,000 customers in 130 countries.

Click here to view our Interactive Food and Beverage Plant Illustration, which gives a tour of the plant areas that Nalco can positively impact for you.

As a result of this experience, Nalco understands the most important industry challenges you face as a food and beverage processor.  From optimizing your profitability through cost management and ensuring high quality products, to ensuring the safety of your employees, visitors and community or facilitating your sustainability goals, we understand that you operate in a highly challenging business environment.  We will work with you to proactively manage these challenges to achieve all of your goals, as this process has been part of our heritage throughout our history.

 Some of the key performance metrics that Nalco can address include:

  • Water Usage
  • Energy Usage
  • Asset Life
  • Safety Compliance
  • Labor Costs

To achieve these metrics, we bring our global experience of more than 8,000 Nalco field professionals, a world-class Research and Development group, and a wide range of products and Advanced Services. Some of our Advanced Service capabilities include Analytical Services, Automation & Remote Monitoring, and Consulting Services of which Integrated Water Management focuses on water recovery, re-use and recycle. Please click on the “Services” tab to the right of your screen to discover Nalco’s complete line of service offerings.