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Gold, Silver and Platinum Mining and Processing

Process design for recovery of gold and silver varies substantially today depending upon the combination of metals present in the ore, the form or chemical composition of the metals, and the grade of ore being processed. To meet these diverse demands, Nalco provides a wide portfolio of process and water treatment additives and services to enable us to customize a total program approach around your specific mechanical, operational, and chemical needs.

Our portfolio of programs for gold and silver recovery operations includes chemicals and services targeted for improvement of:

  • Grinding – to maximize throughput and energy efficiency
  • Flotation – to maximize recovery and grade 
  • Thickening – to maximize clarification, underflow density, and recovery 
  • Filtration – to maximize throughput and reduce moisture 
  • Process Scale Control – to protect equipment, maximize throughput, and minimize carbon fouling for clear process solutions, slurries, and strip circuits and carbonate, sulfate, and silica scales
  • Foam control – to maximize throughput and reduce solids carryover 
  • Emissions control – to meet environmental, health, and safety demands (ex. Hg) 
  • Mine and mill discharge water treatment   
  • Dust control – to meet environmental, health, and safety demands in the mine, on haul roads, and during ore handling and transport 
  • Boilers – to protect against scaling & corrosion and maximize efficiency 
  • Cooling water – to protect against fouling and corrosion and maximize efficiency

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