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Grain & Starch

Nalco understands the unique challenges that you face in the grain and starch industries. Our Research and Development teams are dedicated to providing innovative technologies to address your industry needs. Nalco’s core capabilities in solid-liquid separation, scale, corrosion, and fouling give us a unique advantage in discovering solutions. We are constantly refining traditional offerings and reaching further into your process to drive improvement. We work with our customers to provide sustainable solutions that 

  • Optimize energy efficiency 
  • Reduce operating costs 
  • Facilitate compliance with safety and environmental regulations 
  • Maximize profitability 

 We provide state of the art products and services for your industry like:

Nalco Solution   Benefit
3D TRASAR® Boiler Technology Managing all the stress in boiler water to minimize water and energy costs

3D TRASAR® Cooling Water Technology

Managing all the stress in cooling water to minimize water and energy costs
Technology for Membranes
Increase reliability of RO pretreatment while minimizing labor
Deposit Control Improve evaporator and process equipment performance; reduce labor for cleaning
Gluten Dewatering

The corn wet milling industry uses rotary vacuum dryers to dewater gluten and the dryers are often a bottleneck in the plant and the second biggest energy user. Patented gluten dewatering aid Nalco GR-8077 can be used by the corn wet milling industry.

  • 15% improvement in gluten throughput across the rotary drum filters
  • Increase plant grind rate
  • Avoid new filter investments
  • Increase corn gluten meal yield

We also have a full line of products and offerings focusing on the following:

  • Foam control
  • Deposit control
  • Scrubber applications
  • Cooling systems
  • Heat exchanger monitoring
  • RO anti-scalants & cleaners
  • Pretreatment equipment
  • Boiler systems
  • Steam system treatments
  • Training resources

Let us help you discover more profit in your processes. For more information about water and process solutions that address your plant's unique operational challenges, please contact us at