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Nalco Water
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The pharmaceutical industry is entirely dedicated to providing all human and animal kind with quality of life, health, and well being. Even through tough global economic challenges, this industry continues to outperform other industries in growth and profits. A pharmaceutical company's key areas of focus are: drug discovery, compliance, quality, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

At Nalco Company we have a hand in helping industry provide the necessities of life. We understand water, and with our experience, through utilization of engineering principles, we help our customers meet their goals. We identify profitable solutions to water management issues.

By applying mechanical, operational and chemical fundamentals to pharmaceutical processes we develop profit enhancement, and cost-reducing solutions. This ensures that critical processes deliver what is intended, when intended, in a cost-competitive manner.  We contribute to our customers’ sustainability goals by improving their water efficiency and reducing the energy consumption associated with water.

Total Water Management

Our suite of Total Water Management applications offer solutions to all of your boiler water, cooling water, wastewaterwater clarification and water recycle technology needs.  We can work with you to determine the best solution to effectively help you meet your goals.

To achieve these solutions, we bring our global experience of more than 8,000 Nalco field professionals, a world-class Research and Development group, and a wide range of products and Advanced Services. Some of our Advanced Service capabilities include Analytical Services, Automation & Remote Monitoring, and Consulting Services of which Integrated Water Management focuses on water recovery, re-use and recycle. Please click on the “Services” tab to the right of your screen to discover Nalco’s complete line of service offerings.

Pharmaceutical Industry Focused Programs and Services

  • For Legionella and Legionnaires’ Disease risk management we provide specialized services to help control private and public health risks due to pathogens.
  • Our programs and services are designed with sustainability in mind.
  • Real-time monitoring and control of systems with TRASAR® technology provides improved water and energy efficiency, as well as enhanced reliability.
  • "Hands off" chemical handling with the PORTA-FEED® delivery system eliminates the use of non-returnable packaging.
  • Bio-Manage® programs control microorganisms for enhanced system cleanliness improving system efficiency and safety.
  • High quality electronic record keeping for better program management is available using our Vantage software, and for those countries that prefer full audit trails for Legionella management compliance ask about Envirotrak.
  • Specialist cleaning of HVAC coils using our COIL-FLO® services restores them to efficiency considerably reducing energy consumption.