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Photovoltaic manufacturing is one of the fastest growing, and fastest changing industries currently in existence. Nalco understands that PV manufacturers routinely face a rare combination of challenges – speed and precision.
The precision in the manufacturing environment typically requires equal precision in the facilities environmental support arena. Many of the PV manufacturing processes have critical cooling and high purity water and air requirements. Further, the photovoltaic industry has made significant strides in process productivity gains, but controlling energy and water costs and ensuring reliability continue to be key targets for facilities support.

Nalco has a proven track record in helping fabs reduce water consumption, assuring low-risk water re-use and maximizing uptime. We continue to enhance and improve our offerings, enabling you to remain competitive, with documented, sustainable results. We have decades of experience in uncovering and capitalizing on savings opportunities in your operations. Some relevant examples include:

  • Advanced proprietary technology provides real time monitoring and control of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor control in fab UPW systems – reducing water use, decreasing cleaning frequency, extending membrane life and providing the facilities manager with real process visibility.
  • An end-to-end approach to Process Critical Closed Loop (PCCL) and PCW Process Cooling Water (PCW) systems that goes back to OEM (tool manufacturers) to ensure that water related issues are minimized upfront to achieve the maximum MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) possible.
  • Utilizing state of the art automation on cooling tower systems, which enables fabs to achieve world class water re –use rates with minimum risk, and excellent performance. This technology measures key system parameters, detects upsets, determines appropriate corrective action and keeps appropriate personnel informed in real-time. A unique turnkey approach to HVAC coil maintenance that increases system efficiency and provides documented results based on actual system performance to reduce energy consumption and support your sustainability goals.
  • An award-winning returnable container solution that has become the industry standard for totally “hands off” chemical handling. This includes durable containers designed to provide extra protection in busy production facilities. It eliminates drum handling and disposal, and improves safety by minimizing your personnel’s potential for chemical exposure.
Contact Nalco today to discuss your company's needs with a professional that understands the needs of the photovoltaic manufacturing industry.