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Tire & Rubber Products

Nalco understands that at tire and rubber manufacturing plants, raw material cost increases, limited staffing resources with increased work loads, more sophisticated production processes, and global competition are just a few of the challenges that are faced on an everyday basis. 

Nalco’s professionals are here to help you overcome these and all other issues that are most important to helping you meet your goals.  We know that proper management of water-using systems is essential to controlling your operational costs, assuring reliability, minimizing product liability issues, and supporting production.  Tire and rubber production processes have critical heating and cooling needs to maintain exact tolerances and ensure quality production. 

Our commitment to optimizing site water usage, reducing energy consumption, and improving process operations can lead to enhanced asset life, reduced total operating costs, improved production quality, and reduction of unnecessary downtime.  We are dedicated to forming a close business partnership with our manufacturing customers.  Your facilities can benefit from our decades of experience providing superior results to the leaders in the industry.   Some of the comprehensive solutions we can assist you with include:

  • Advanced proprietary technology that provides real time monitoring and control of boiler water conditions – allowing plants to achieve new levels of performance, troubleshooting, and reliability.
  • State of the art automation on cooling tower systems that enables plants to conserve water with minimum risk, and excellent performance.  This technology measures key system parameters, detects upsets, determines appropriate corrective action and keeps appropriate personnel informed in real-time.  
  • A unique turnkey approach to HVAC coil maintenance and optimization, which increases system efficiency and provides documented results based on actual system performance to support your sustainability goals.  
  • An award-winning returnable container solution that has become the industry standard for totally “hands off” chemical handling.  This includes durable containers designed to provide extra protection in busy production facilities.  It eliminates drum handling and disposal, and improves safety by minimizing your personnel’s potential for chemical exposure.

Please contact Nalco today to discuss your company's needs with an experienced professional that understands the needs of the tire and rubber products manufacturing industry.