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Nalco 360 Service Identifies Unexpected Water Leak for Customer

Nalco 360 Success 115 ChartConservation of natural resources is a top priority for many companies today. However, even the most comprehensive sustainability programs can still fail when the unexpected happens. The Nalco 360™ Expert Center is continuously monitoring systems around the clock and often discovers potential problems before they become a more serious situation.

This recent success demonstrates the effectiveness of the Nalco 360™ Service:


 Friday   8:55 am  Cooling tower Conductivity value drops below set point.
 Friday  8:57 am Nalco 360 expert center receives a low Conductivity alarm from controller. Click here to view the actual chart of the event.
 Friday  9:04 am Nalco 360 experts troubleshoot alarm, and then send the following message to the customer and Nalco Sales Engineer: “The conductivity is continuously dropping. Check the condition of the makeup and blow down valve or see if the tower is overflowing or if the water line is being used elsewhere. Make sure the tower can cycle up to avoid issues with corrosion and to not waste water and product.
 Friday  9:15 am Nalco Sales Engineer contacts customer.
 Friday  10:05 am Customer identifies broken tower float, begins making repairs.
 Friday  2:00 pm Tower float repaired, Cooling Tower conditions begin returning to normal.

Our Solution

“We contacted the customer on this alarm, and had them check the tower floats. They found a broken float, and have since repaired it. This alarm saved the customer money in excess water and chemical that would not have been found likely for another 24-48 hours. This particular system is their most critical system on-site. If it goes down, it costs the customer money. 3D TRASAR technology gives the customer "peace of mind" that issues can be found immediately."

Their Success

The quick response to this alarm saved the customer at least 40,000 gallons of wasted water, and prevented the possible downtime of their critical system. The plant is located in Arizona, so every gallon of water saved really helps! The customer was so convinced by the value of this program, they have since decided to connect their 4 remaining controllers to the internet, so they too can be monitored by Nalco 360 service.

For more information on Nalco 360 Service, contact us.