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Nalco Introduces Yeast Activity Monitor, a New Technology for Global Brewing and Ethanol Markets

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor is innovative technology that gives producers unique insight into their fermentation processes that has never before been possible. Dr. Michael Bradley, Naperville R&D, was instrumental in developing the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor equipment and software. The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor delivers quick and precise measurements of yeast metabolic activity rates compared to the industry standard method of counting viable cells using light microscopy and a viability stain. The microscopy method is labor-intensive, error-prone and fails to provide useful information for diagnosing or optimizing industrial fermentation processes.

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor draws its power from fast, fluorescence-generating reactions between native yeast enzymes and biochemical reporter molecules. Samples are quickly and precisely prepared on a digital balance and then innovative probes are immersed directly into the prepared sample to measure yeast metabolic activity rates. Reaction timing, data management, and procedural workflows are all handled by a dedicated touch screen computer. The end result is a revolutionary system that delivers consistent results regardless of environmental conditions, sample compositions, or operator technique.

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor is available globally, except the EU pending CE approval, and will be presented at several major brewing and ethanol industry conferences around the world in 2010.

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor will be featured at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Asia Pacific Convention in Queensland, Australia March 14 to March 18, 2010.

Nalco will also be presenting a paper on the Yeast Activity Monitor at the 2010 Brewing Summit Conference in Providence, RI June 15 – 20.

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor will also be on display at the IFT Food Expo July 17 – 20 in Chicago.

In addition, Dr. Bradley will be presenting a paper on the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) Conference in St. Louis, MO June 14- 17.

Heitor Zuntini, Nalco Industry Development Manager in Brazil, and Paulo Lira, Nalco research, will be introducing the Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor to the Brazilian ethanol industry at the Fermentec 31st Annual Meeting in Piracicaba, Brazil, May 18 – 20.