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Nalco Plant In Garyville, LA, Receives Environmental Award

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) recognized the achievements of industry, local governments, non-governmental organizations, schools and universities, and an individual during the 2010 Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Awards ceremony.

Nalco’s facility in Garyville, LA, was awarded an ELP Medium Business Recognition Award in Pollution Prevention for reducing the amount of acrylamide discharge to PACT wastewater plant during reactor resin bed regeneration and reclaiming 900,000 pounds of acrylamide annually. Nalco’s piping redesign in Building 12- Oil Side Blending Unit resulted in a reduction of piping from 400 feet to 100 feet for maximum efficiency and minimal waste and led to a reduction of 75 per cent in the amount of oil required for cleaning. As a result, the used oil generation in the area has been reduced from 300,000 pounds annually to 75,000 pounds a year, a reduction of 225,000 pounds at a cost savings of approximately $150,000 annually. Nalco has reduced nitrate compound concentration in its plant effluent by 50 percent by maintaining a low dissolved oxygen concentration in the effluent prior to discharge to the environment. An additional 25 percent reduction was achieved with the installation of an online meter. The reductions from the company help to reduce hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico.