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Event Recognizes One Million Dollars in Nalco Support for Water For People

A reception in Naperville this past week recognized seven years of Nalco support for Water For People (WFP). Several WFP officials, including CEO Ned Breslin and Board Chairwoman Elisa Speranza, were on hand to celebrate a total of more than $1.2 million in financial support from Nalco and the Nalco Foundation as well as the employees who have volunteered for trips with WFP’s World Water Corps (WWC).

CEO and Chairman Erik Fyrwald welcomed the attendees and recognized a special visitor, former Nalco executive Bill Roe, who originated the partnership with WFP in 2004. Chief Marketing Officer Mary Kay Kaufmann reviewed the history of the Nalco/WFP relationship and Rob Henderson, Technical Manager – Global Technical Resource Center, Jason Fues, Operations Manager for Crossbow Water and Lisa Wesoloski, Senior Research Chemist each recounted the work they had done on water quality testing and program monitoring trips with WWC in 2009 and 2010.

Breslin talked about the philosophy that drives WFP – to develop water and sanitation systems in the remote parts of developing countries where many other groups do not go. He stressed that WFP seeks to build relationships by working with three primary partners: a government entity, a local nongovernmental organization, and the benefiting community.

“We want to make sure these projects are sustainable so that five years or ten years from now they are still operating, providing clean water and effective sanitation,” Breslin said. “There is nothing sadder than a child dying from disease because a water or sanitation system that gave them a chance for a better life failed.”

The follow-up trips by WWC volunteers like Rob, Lisa and Jason help ensure the sustainability of those systems by testing and through observation and interviews with people on the ground in homes, clinics, schools and community water points.

“The work of WFP and the World Water Corps dovetail with our global business strategy around water and Nalco’s role as a sustainability solutions provider,” said Mary Kay. “It also aligns with a new employee brand, ‘Create Your Difference in a Company that Makes a Difference.’ We are proud that Nalco and Nalco people donate their money, time and expertise to help improve the lives of those who often lack something we take for granted, safe drinking water. “

WFP is an international, nonprofit humanitarian organization that focuses on increasing access to safe drinking water and preventing water- and sanitation-related illnesses. The World Water Corps is one of WFP's volunteer programs that gives individuals the opportunity to travel abroad and support the organization in a tangible way by sharing their unique skills and experience. For more information on WFP and the World Water Corps, please visit