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Nalco DustBind Plus Technology Makes Short List of Approved Over-the-Rail Topper Agents to Diminish Coal Dust in the Powder River Basin

Nalco announced it has been approved by BNSF Railway as a supplier of car top binding agents (a.k.a. “topper”) to reduce coal dust releases.

Effective Oct. 1, 2011, BNSF has implemented a requirement for coal shippers in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana to reduce the loss of in-transit coal dust by at least 85 percent as compared to coal cars that have had no remediation measures. After an extensive seven-month testing period by BNSF that involved more than 1600 trains under real-world operating conditions, Nalco DustBind Plus Technology proved it can meet this dust mitigation requirement and is one of only three products included as a topper agent on the BNSF-accepted list.

DustBind Plus technology is a patent-pending, VOC-free, car topper agent with a freeze point of -20°F (-29°C). This is an advantage over other toppers that typically have a freeze point of 32°F (0°C) due to their high water content. The DustBind Plus agent forms a flexible, yet durable crust on the coal or mineral surface, providing dust control even as the material settles during transit.

Nalco formed the Global Mining and Mineral Processing Group in 1978, focused on the coal industry with dedicated sales, service, marketing and research teams. Nalco first provided solids handling and dust mitigation in the Powder River Basin in 1983, expanding significantly over the years.

Nalco has a local presence in the Powder River Basin as well. DustBind Plus technology is manufactured at the Nalco facility in Casper, WY. Nalco Fab-Tech LLC, also in Casper, WY, custom designs and builds site-specific, robust equipment and systems for heavy industry. Fab-Tech systems are designed to ensure that DustBind Plus technology is properly applied and that the “topper” dust control program will be successful.

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