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Nalco Mobotec Announces Mercury Control Contract With Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO)

Nalco Mobotec Inc., the global leader in air protection technology, announced a significant contract with Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) for mercury emission control at AEPCO's Apache Generating Station in Cochise, Ariz. The approximately $3.6 million, five-year agreement will help AEPCO reduce mercury emissions in order to comply with the State of Arizona's mercury emissions regulations, which take effect on January 1, 2011.

AEPCO performed six months of rigorous testing and balance of plant initiatives to assess the effectiveness of Nalco Mobotec's patented MERCONTROL(R) 7895 technology. The results demonstrated that Nalco Mobotec's MERCONTROL 7895 technology can achieve an 80 percent reduction in mercury emissions, far exceeding Arizona's mandate of 50 percent. The technology will allow AEPCO to meet and potentially exceed the regulation while maintaining the marketability of coal combustion products.

"Nalco Mobotec delivered a solution that meets our needs and exceeds our expectations without AEPCO having to make major, capital-intensive modifications to our plant and operating schedules," said Jim Andrew, Manager of Planning and Regulatory Affairs for AEPCO's Apache Generating Station.

Per the agreement, Nalco Mobotec will deliver and install state-of-the-art injection equipment as well as supplying and delivering the MERCONTROL 7895 product.

"Our MERCONTROL technology is giving the power industry the ability to take significant steps in the removal of mercury from their emissions," said Dave Flitman, Nalco Senior Executive Vice President and President of Water and Process Services. "As we continue to see more stringent emissions regulations, our customers are using Nalco Mobotec's innovative, differentiated solutions to quickly come into compliance."