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Nalco Announces Latest Water and Energy Innovation, 3D TRASAR Boiler Automation Technology

Nalco Company introduced the next generation in boiler system control and treatment. Nalco Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer J. Erik Fyrwald announced the launch of 3D TRASAR® Boiler Technology during a presentation at the 7th Global Clean Technology Conference, hosted by Jefferies and Company, in New York.

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology detects system variability, then determines and delivers the appropriate automated response before problems occur. It delivers measurable results that are not attainable with other offerings, allowing Nalco sales engineers to establish boiler-specific best practices for customers.

"In today's economy, helping customers to significantly reduce their total costs of operations gets attention," says Fyrwald. "Poor boiler water treatment results in scale and corrosion that can damage a steam system and interfere with efficient heat transfer, requiring more rapid replacement of expensive equipment, causing system downtime and substantial wasted energy. 3D TRASAR Boiler Automation couples our most advanced boiler water treatment chemistry with patented monitoring and control technology that is unmatched in our industry."

Boiler systems and the steam they create are the lifeblood of many production processes such as tire manufacturing, food and beverage processing, airplane assembly and papermaking, so ensuring reliable steam production is a necessity for maintaining production. Operating boiler systems more efficiently also saves water and energy (plus their associated costs), while preserving and extending the life of costly equipment.

Extensive program trials in a variety of industries have demonstrated myriad value from 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology for customers:

  • A major university in the Midwestern United States improved its boiler operations, reducing energy use and avoiding 113 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. In addition it saved more than 2 million gallons of fresh water per year and reduced chemical exposure for its employees.
  • At a power plant, steam system maintenance outages were able to be scheduled when replacement power costs were low and the restart process was shortened from days to hours, saving the customer $700,000 per planned outage.
  • A paper mill avoided $430,000 per day in lost production by minimizing boiler outages.

Variations in the water used and in the steam load requirements for a boiler system make the overfeeding or underfeeding of water treatment chemistry commonplace under manual competitive alternatives. Sampling of system conditions had never been real-time because of the high temperatures involved (samples must cool before testing) and pressure and other conditions can't be replicated outside the boiler system itself.

Nalco's revolutionary 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology combines advanced sensors, chemistry, software and control equipment, to provide the opportunity to understand exact conditions in the boiler and steam system when they are occurring and adjust treatment to prevent problems and optimize operations.

Nalco's 3D TRASAR Boiler Automation is the latest expansion of this innovative, award-winning system. The cooling water version of 3D TRASAR technology, which saved customers globally 63 billion gallons of water in 2008, was recognized with a United States Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.