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eROI Web Counter FAQ

What is the eROI Web Counter?

An interactive “counter” that documents the amount of water, energy and air savings each Nalco technology is accomplishing for customers worldwide.

Why did we develop the eROI Web Counter?

The eROI value approach quantifies the impact our technologies have with our customers, and the eROI Web Counter shows how our innovative technologies positively impact the world around us.

Where are the eROI Web Counters located?

Counters are located on the landing page for each technology currently included in the counter.  Open your preferred internet browser and go to:

What does each of these technologies do?

3D TRASAR® Technology: 
Detects the upsets that precede scaling, corrosion and biofouling, determines corrective actions and then delivers the appropriate chemical response. The result is a balanced, efficient and safe cooling system. Less maintenance, no over-or under-dosing of chemicals, lower operating costs, maximum asset protection and water savings for our customers. 

PARETO® Mixing Technology 
Used to improve and optimize the delivery of retention aids and other process chemicals to paper machines and industrial processes. This technology focuses on the many variables that impact quality in modern papermaking, delivering optimization of key system inputs and improved machine efficiency. 

HVAC® Performance Services 
Cleaning cooling and heating coils using an innovative cleaning process in order to recover the heat transfer capabilities of the coils. Coil cleaning service is backed up by energy audits that document cooling capacity improvements, including energy saving and carbon footprint reduction due to improved heat transfer and increased airflow/lower pressure drop across the cooling/heating coils.

What features do the web counters provide?

“Select a technology”
At the top of each web counter there is a drop down menu titled “select a technology”. By waving your mouse over the title three items in a drop down menu will appear “3D TRASAR, PARETO, HVAC”. Click on the technology you want and that web counter will replace the counter you are already viewing.

“Select a unit” 
Directly below the numbered savings is a drop down menu titled “select a unit”. By waving your mouse over the title four or five items in a drop down menu will appear (these items are different for each technology). Click on the unit you want the amount of savings to be measured in and the numbers will automatically change to represent that unit.

“Select a savings period” 
Below the amount of savings there is a spot reserved for the savings period you want displayed. On each web counter the savings period that will always be displayed is “2012” but directly below that is a drop down menu titled “select a savings period”. By waving your mouse over the title three items in a drop down menu will appear. Click on the savings period you want displayed: 

  • “2012” – savings year to date
  • “From start of program” – since first implementation of specific technology 
  • “While you’ve been here” – amount of savings since clicked on the webpage where the counter is embedded.

The eROI web counter is available in seven additional languages:

A “Humanized” unit
Each savings measure displays a “Humanized” unit (e.g. Trees, households, and people). These units are found as the last option of the “select a unit” drop down menu.

  • Water savings is measured in “people”. The amount of people saved is calculated by US domestic fresh water consumption per capita (conversion: 25,295 gallons = 1 person). Source: American Water Works Association Water Use Statistics
  • Energy savings is measured in “households”. The amount of households saved is calculated by energy consumption per average US household per year (conversion: 949 Therms or 27,812 kWh = 1 household). Source: US Energy Information Administration Average Consumption by Energy Uses, 2005 per household
  • Air savings is measured in “trees”. The amount of trees saved is calculated by pounds of CO2 compared to trees planted. Source:

How do we get accurate numbers for amount of savings?

The savings delivered by each technology are calculated quarterly based on historical and forecasting marketing and sales data, and the counter is updated.

Are there plans to add more technologies in the future?

Yes. As new Ecolab and Nalco technologies begin to document eROI for our customers, the intention is to add them to the counter, so the public can view the results.