3D TRASAR Water Saver Technology

Save Water. . . without the worry. 3D TRASAR Water Saver Technology can reduce cooling tower blowdown by 80%, saving millions gallons of water. With this technology you can increase cycles of concentration and reduce system risk.

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With Nalco’s 3D TRASAR Water Saver Technology, savings are as simple as 1-2-3:

ONE: A fully integrated system
• A unique program using Nalco monitoring and control technology, chemistry, service and equipment
• Removes calcium and magnesium hardness from your cooling water on-line
• Reduces water consumption, and is applicable to varying make-up water quality.

TWO: Backed by Nalco experience
• 3D TRASAR Water Saver Technology is backed by over 85 years of water treatment experience.
• Nalco takes care of routine service

THREE: 3D TRASAR Technology keeps your system stress-free
• Precise control of key system parameters
• Checks system every 6 seconds and responds to changes
• Maintains chiller system efficiency
• Extends asset life, reduces maintenance costs
• System has a reduced chemical footprint. Chemical fed to meet system stress.


 Save Millions of gallons per year. . . without sacrificing performance. Take a look at these stories from our customers: