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3D TRASAR® Web: Performance Monitoring and Reporting

The 3D TRASAR® Web is a convenient way for you to check the performance of your 3D TRASAR cooling water, boiler water or reverse osmosis application and to see the value that it brings to your operations. 

From this website you can:

  • See the overall performance of your systems being controlled by 3D TRASAR Technology
  • Drill down into a single system to obtain more detailed performance information
  • Create, print, e-mail and download graphs and reports on your system data
  • View controller alarms

You can also have 3D TRASAR Web automatically:

  • Generate and e-mail reports to you on a scheduled basis
  • Send controller alarms to your e-mail, pager or cell phone

3D TRASAR Web supports eight languages and international users’ needs in terms of date/numeric formats and units of measure.

Your Nalco Sales Engineer uses this tool to monitor the performance of your systems and to keep you updated on their status.  You can use 3D TRASAR Web as much or as little as you choose.  Either way, you and your operations will benefit from the performance monitoring and reporting provided by this important tool.

Data is sent to 3D TRASAR Web hourly by 3D TRASAR controllers that have connectivity via phone or LAN connection.  Unconnected controllers can also benefit from 3D TRASAR Web since periodic manual data downloads from 3D TRASAR controllers are also uploaded to 3D TRASAR Web.

The 3D TRASAR Web is accessed through Nalco’s website (  Click on the "Extranet" link at the top of any page and then use your Nalco-provided Username and Password to log into the Extranet.  Then follow the menu path:  Tools  »  3D TRASAR Web.  If you do not have a Nalco Extranet account, you can request one from your Nalco Sales Engineer. 

View an  overview of 3D TRASAR Technology and an online demo of 3D TRASAR Web by going to