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Eco-Efficiency Services

Facing Today’s Sustainability Challenges

The lines between social, environmental, and economic performance are becoming more and more blurred. The term “sustainability” has brought these concepts together in a way that they are no longer viewed as being mutually exclusive. Our experience tells us that identifying and implementing solutions to address these complex issues is what most companies struggle with. Nalco brings its Essential Expertise to help deliver your sustainability goals through Eco-Efficiency Services.

Overview of Eco-Efficiency Services

Eco-Efficiency is a term coined by the World Business Council for Sustainability Development. In keeping with its principles, Nalco’s Eco-Efficiency Services focuses on delivering impactful, step-change improvements in your operations. We leverage our strength of knowledge in industrial best practices, along with a proprietary approach to identifying and implementing improvements to maximize the following: 

  • Optimization of Water Usage
  • Energy Efficiency (Water, Utility, and Process Areas) 
  • Minimization and Most Beneficial Disposition of Waste
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

How does Nalco deliver results?

Nalco has devised a unique approach to identify and implement creative solutions to address our clients’ most pressing needs. We do this through a phased approach:

Phase  Description 
Opportunity Assessment Nalco works with each client to identify opportunities to reduce costs and impacts from the use of energy and water, as well as the creation of waste and airborne emissions. This provides additional focus to develop an Improvement Plan.
Improvement Plan Development Nalco completes a comprehensive facility assessment, which includes the use of remote data monitoring tools; interviews with key facility personnel; as well as data from plant control systems. The outcome is a fully developed list of projects that have the most attractive return, as well as highest technical feasibility.
Solution Implementation Nalco and the Client will decide on the most appropriate implementation approach. The potential options include, but are not limited to:
  • Low to no capital project implementation, targeting short term payback (TBD by client hurdle rates) 
  • Capital project implementation, including financing, if and when appropriate, based on client needs. Includes the facilitation of bid processes, as necessary. 
  • Detailed project binder, containing projected costs, returns, and milestone schedules to implement.
  • On-going monitoring and maintenance of savings  

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