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Environmental Hygiene Services

Our mission is to deliver efficiently pure water and air while lowering your HVAC operation cost, reducing your environmental footprint and protecting occupant health. We provide holistic solutions to reduce health risks due to pathogens in water and air systems and to maintain HVAC systems at operational peak performance.

We can manage your potable, cooling water and HVAC systems to a health and operation performance standard. Our service helps you to maintain a healthy environment for your employees, clients and community. Nalco is the only company that can offer customers a holistic approach of specialized services to efficiently manage the water and air side aspects of a HVAC system.

The EHS team is comprised of highly trained specialists who concentrate solely on customizing services and programs to specific customer needs and performance goals. Backing our specialists is a team of highly trained technicians who can execute the turn-key service solution across North America.

EHS is a division of Nalco, which is recognized as an Energy Star Partner by the US Environmental Protection Agency. EHS is acknowledged as a provider of products and services that contribute to better indoor environmental quality, reduction in energy use, and a comprehensive contribution to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Water Risk Management
EHS can reduce health risks due to pathogens in water systems. We bring customers years of experience. Starting over a decade ago, Nalco’s groundbreaking work in risk reduction has provided guidance in establishing a global approved code of practice for Legionella control. Our approach is to provide an assessment of a customer's facility to identify and reduce risks before they affect employees and guests.

We offer a portfolio of services to address concerns about waterborne pathogens, and we have developed a model that first identifies and quantifies risks, develops an action plan, and employs turn-key remediation services when needed. It then holds the gains through control and legionella analysis, followed by periodic reviews, including re-assessment of risks, with people in your organization.

Backing our specialists is a team of researchers and technicians who have studied the issues related to legionella. Using their global expertise, we have developed a risk assessment and turn-key remediation service program that can be customized to reduce risk and potential liability from water systems. No two problems or solutions are identical.

HVAC Air Management
Our mission is to restore and to boost the cooling and heating capacity of HVAC systems, while providing Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) solutions that reduce the risk of airborne pathogens, contaminants or other environmental hazards.

Our specialized consulting team customizes the solutions to your specific HVAC operation needs and performance goals such as cooling capacity, air quality, reduction in energy cost and environmental footprint. First, we benchmark your HVAC systems by conducting a performance, energy and IEQ audit, which also includes an ROI analysis. Based on the findings and your operational goals we suggest the best customized solutions, which can be implemented efficiently with our P4-certified service technicians. Our monitoring services guarantee that the performance and ROI goals are maintained over time.

Our Air Services include turn-key solutions such as performance/energy audits, coil cleaning with an innovative patented technology, filter replacement management and IEQ monitoring.