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Integrated Water Management

reuse, recycle, recover

Nalco’s integrated Water Management (IWM) process is a complete audit-to-operation approach for increased water reuse and recycling. We package Nalco’s global expertise into a single offering, including water treatment process design, build, own, operate and management services. We provide our customers with best practices by leveraging the knowledge and experience gained across a wide range of industries. The IWM process identifies the technology, chemistry and expertise required for long-term sustainable solutions, improving your profitability and environmental performance.

IWM – driven by industry needs

  • Outsourcing maintenance and operation
  • Complying with stricter discharge rules and permits
  • Managing water shortage, toxicity, and water-borne disease
  • Solving turnkey sole supplier requests
  • Meeting time constraints
  • Providing environmentally safe water reuse

Your goals are our goals

Nalco has partnered with industrial and institutional customers worldwide to develop reliable, cost-effective and safe solutions. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI). We help you:

Increase profitability

  • Reduce fresh water consumption and cost
  • Reduce waste treatment cost
  • Reduce waste water discharge cost

Improve quality

  • Improve feed water quality
  • Improve treated and recycled water quality
  • Improve process and rinse water quality
  • Improve product quality

Increase productivity

  • Reduce water related shutdown and associated production loss
  • Increase cooling tower cycles of concentration and plant cooling efficiency for increased production
    and reduced energy consumption
  • Upgrade boiler water quality and reduce steam related production downtime and energy wastage
    due to blowdown
  • Achieve best-in-class water efficiency

Enhance reliability

  • Enhance equipment reliability
  • Improve system integrity
  • Improve process reliability
  • Reduce downtime and breakdowns

Meet environment, health and safety standards

  • Meet EH&S standards
  • Meet or exceed environmental goals
  • Reduce environmental and health risks

Improve safety

  • Conduct safety inspections
  • Implement safety audit programs
  • Execute emergency response programs

Industries Served

Understanding your needs

As your partner in water reuse, recycle and recover, our first priority is to understand your needs. Nalco does not treat problems in isolation. We take a broad view of your plant and operational challenges, in order to develop practical and well-engineered solutions that work in tandem with your existing operations. We start with a customized IWM audit by a team of Nalco industry experts:

  • Site Audit
  • Plant resources modeling for water discharge options 
  • Feasibility study
  • Pilot scale evaluation
  • Design, budget and construct
  • Build and commission
  • Own, operate and manage

The audit enables the IWM team to understand the parameters of your operations, including your energy and water needs, to determine the best improvement options. The result enables you to optimize total cost of operation with financing options.