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Air Quality Improvement

Why We Care:

Management of the quality of the air around us has had a relatively long history. It was recognized in the early 1900’s that smoke and dust and the associated odors coming from communities and industries was having a major impact on public health. This prompted legislation to protect the population, mandating measures to ensure cleaner air to breathe.

In an effort to improve air quality, centralized energy generation and heating provision emerged, and the usage of oil and gas over coal for domestic heating increased. However, this change presented new and different challenges. Acidification of rainfall by associated sulfur and nitrogen-containing compounds, the products of fossil-fuel combustion, started to affect the quality of water resources, and the ecology of the land receiving acidic rainfall. This prompted new sets of legislation and technologies to provide still cleaner air to protect communities and their environment.

The global focus upon air quality has become firmly fixed on emissions of greenhouse gases, in particular CO2, a by-product of combustion, and their impact upon global warming, and their contribution to climate change.

With improved quality of life, better understanding of the links among air quality, human health, and the wider environment, the strong influence of health and safety practices in the workplace, whether in an industrial setting or in the built city environment, and innovation in air handling and quality management systems, the impacts of air quality on human health have become increasingly minimized.

Our Approach: 

  • Combustion Efficiency and Fuel Flexibility - Cleaner burning industrial furnaces producing more efficient energy production with more flexible fuel options.
  • Air Protection - Quantum leaps in the reduction of greenhouse gases, particulates, heavy metals and other atmospheric challenges in industrial emissions – meeting or exceeding compliance.

Nalco Air Quality Improvement programs enable with world to breathe easier.

Air Quality Improvement Case Studies

 Plant:  European Power Plant
 Region:  Europe
 Background:  Power plant requested assistance to meet stringent air emission limits and improve its sustainability performance
  •  Avoiding the high cost of SCR technology
  • Meet NOx emission target without compromising plant performance or boiler efficiency
 Application:  Nalco Mobotec ROFA® system, with Rotamix® technology
 Benefits:  Restoration of condenser performance by cleaning, maintenance, and monitoring & control of system conditions
 eROI:  Reduction of 2,200 metric tonnes of NOx emissions per year
 Economic Results:  Avoided a US$1B capital expenditure for an alternative NOx capture technology
 Plant:  European Power Plant
 Region:  Europe
 Background:  Corrective action needed to improve efficiency
 Situation:  Plant needed to identify and correct linkages between fuel demand, cost and associated emissions
 Application:  3D TRASAR® technology for Cooling Water
 Benefits:  Restoration of condenser performance by cleaning, maintenance, and monitoring & control of system conditions
 eROI:  Reduction of 10,950 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year
 Economic Results:
  • Annualized savings in fuel of €438,000 per year
  • Equivalent value in tradable CO2 allowances of €219,000 per year