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Asset Protection & Integrity

Why We Care:

The proper protection of plant assets, so they deliver their expected lifetime use, and operate safely and efficiently, is a major factor which underpins the profitability, productivity, and sustainability of industrial operations. Asset protection avoids premature and costly replacement of materials, which are often from non-renewable sources.

Ensuring that assets are operating correctly and efficiently is key to the profitability and sustainability of the operation concerned. Corrosion of surfaces, the formation of scale, or contamination by microbiology, can all adversely impact system operation, leading to unexpected and costly maintenance and downtime, component replacement, and possibly reduced production rates and product quality. Inefficiencies around water and energy use can have major impacts upon the sustainability performance of the asset operation.

Our Approach: 

  • Preserve Capital - Avoids premature and costly replacement of non-renewable materials
  • Minimize Maintenance - Scale and fouling control, minimizes the need for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Nalco Asset Protection and Integrity solutions safeguard your operations. 

Asset Protection Case Studies

 Plant:  Steel Mill
 Region:  North America 
 Background:  Membrane Fouling

 Membrane solution was costly due to the variability in brackish water quality requiring treatment

 Application:  3D TRASAR® Scale Control
  • Ability to utilize lower quality water
  • Reduced corrosion rates on equipment from 20-30 mpy to 3-8 mpy
  • Minimized need for membrane replacement
 eROI:  Increase lifespan of Assets by 2-10x
 Economic Results:  $1,200,000 in annual membrane replacement savings