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Energy Conservation

Why We Care:

The reserves of the planet’s fossil fuels, including oil, coal, and natural gas, have a finite life, and are increasingly costly to extract from the earth as those resources remaining are increasingly difficult to access. A joint approach has emerged to both conserve the fossil fuels which remain, slowing their depletion through increased energy use efficiency, and, the development of renewable alternatives such as solar energy, wind power generation, and biofuels.

The increasing focus of both public and industrial concern around the depletion of the earth’s non-renewable fossil fuel resources has raised two major issues:

  • how to develop alternative and renewable fuels 
  • how to mitigate the impact of current energy generation strategies on greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere, and their impact on global warming and changes in climate.

Our Approach:

  • Using Less - Reducing energy consumption in industrial processes, plant services and commercial buildings
  • Finding More - Advanced technologies for oil and natural gas exploration, recovery, transportation and refining

Nalco Energy solutions and Nalco Experts serve an energy-hungry world.

Energy Conservation Case Studies

 Plant:  Global Hotel Group
 Region:  Europe
 Background:  Energy Efficiency/Sustainability Performance
  • Help needed improving energy efficiency for air conditioning system
  • Necessary to minimize health risks from microbial contamination
  • Necessary to minimize/reduce overall costs
 Application:  COIL-FLO® Cleaning Technology

Average increase of 98% in airflow through Air Handling Units

 eROI:  Annual site energy use reduced by 811,000 kWh/yr
 Economic Results:  Certified savings in annual energy costs of €36,900 per year