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Globally Harmonized System

What is GHS?

GHS is a global classification system for chemicals developed by the United Nations. The GHS standard will be used to communicate hazards on product labels and safety data sheets. GHS will apply to products used in many industries, with implementation timeframes varying by country. The intent of implementing this new system is to communicate hazards more consistently throughout the globe.


US- Conversion of Nalco product labels and safety data sheets to the GHS standard will begin in early 2014. Full implementation will be completed in accordance with the OSHA timeframe of June 1, 2015.

Canada- A proposed regulation is expected mid-June 2013 with finalization of the rule expected in 2014.  Full implementation is planned for 2015 in accordance with the US deadline.

Other countries – GHS is already underway or planned in many countries. Please see regional brochures for additional dates and information on specific dates and timelines.

US GHS Brochure
LA GHS Brochure - (EN, ES, PT)
AP GHS Brochure
EU GHS Brochure

Note: If printing the brochure to a duplex printer, please ensure your printer settings are set to “print on both sides” and to “Flip on short edge”. The location of this setting depends on the make and model of the printer. 

GHS Training
For further information about the Globally Harmonized System, sign up for an online training session. Registration with a valid email is required.

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For further questions on GHS, please email or visit the Ecolab GHS webpage