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Sustainable Solutions

Why We Care

Our commitment to developing innovative solutions that are financially, technically and environmentally sustainable can be found in boiler and cooling systems, oil and gas production, pulp and papermaking, wastewater operations and almost any industrial plant or large building. We also deliver multi-pollutant control that maximizes the efficiency of current assets, offering practical strategies for effective control of nitrogen and sulfur oxides (NOx/SOx), greenhouse gases, particulates (PM) and mercury.

Our Approach

Our Solutions Deliver Results

The Nalco Air Protection Technologies (APT) group provides comprehensive mercury emission control solutions for coal-fired power plants. The Nalco APT approach maximizes the utilization and return on investment of air quality control devices (ACQDs) that reduce pollutant emissions. Nalco mercury solutions require only minimal modification of existing equipment and can be implemented at a lower cost than competitive technology.

We help papermakers reduce their overall environmental impacts. PARETO™ Mixing Technology helps paper machines run more efficiently and also allows reuse of preheated wastewater. Customers annually recognize savings of more than 4 million cubic meters of fresh water and 133.2 gigawatt hours of energy. This reduction in energy use prevents 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the air. Nalco also helps papermakers decrease their use of dyes and reduce bleaching demands through EXTRA WHITE® Technology for Brightness that increases paper whiteness and cuts the use of optical brightening agents by up to 50 percent.

Nalco continuously looks for ways to extend its innovative solutions to more industries, geographies and systems. The ability of 3D TRASAR® technology to measure key system parameters, detect upsets and take appropriate action in cooling water systems last year saved an estimated 283 million cubic meters of water from more than 8,500 3D TRASAR installations worldwide. These savings will grow with increased penetration in these markets and with expanded use in Latin America and Asia. This real-time control capability has been extended to performance optimization in reverse osmosis (RO) systems in water pretreatment. 3D TRASAR technology for RO keeps membranes cleaner longer, extending membrane life and reducing energy needed to pass water through the membranes.

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