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Water Conservation

Why We Care

The availability of fresh water to drink is a vital and fundamental need for a growing, healthy population. Yet the increasing competition for precious water resources between these growing communities, industry, and agriculture, presents huge challenges for the continued supply of waters of sufficient volume and quality. Over the past 100 years, the consumption of fresh water around the world has increased by over 500%. The United Nations now estimates that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed areas. It is not the increasing scarcity of water which presents the greatest challenge, but the geographic inequalities of water resource availability versus demand.

Reducing the demand for fresh water through conservation and the reuse and  recycling, of gray water, can ensure that there is enough water available to satisfy the needs of all users. The goal is to ensure that fresh water resources are replenished at least as fast as they are consumed, to deliver a sustainable water use strategy.

Using less of the world’s precious resources not only makes good sense for sustainability, but also for the economy, as reduced demand for resources can lower costs of operation. In addition, using less water means less wastewater to treat and to impact the local environment.

Our Approach

  • Quality - Clean water for cooling, boilers and process applications, clean water reintroduced into the environment.
  • Conservation - Enabling the recycling of this precious and limited resource, and reduced consumption in industrial and commercial processes.

Nalco water treatment solutions provide more clean water for the world.

Water Conservation Case Studies

 Plant:  Dow Freeport
 Region:  North America 
 Background:  Cooling Water Treatment 
  • Water supply challenges due to chlorides
  • Excessive heat exchanger fouling
  • Unscheduled production outages
 Application:  3D TRASAR® Technology for Cooling Water 
  • Improved system reliability
  • Reduced maintenance 
 eROI:  1 Billion gallons of fresh water saved per year
 Economic Results:  $4,000,000 in maintenance cost